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Things To Consider When Filing For Divorce

As with any legal issue, considerable thought and effort must go into the process of filing for divorce. It is important to weigh your options with regard to property division, custody and support decisions. The following are just some of the items to keep in mind during the divorce process.

Q: What are your current finances?

A: Make a list of your marital assets and liabilities. Obtain copies of tax returns, bank statements, mortgage statements and investment portfolios.

Q: Who should have custody of your children?

A: Look at the situation realistically to decide what is in your children's best interests. Is it best to allocate custody between both parents or should one parent have that responsibility?

Q: What are your family's future financial needs?

A: Prepare a budget estimation, factoring in child support, potential alimony and other factors. Consider your future career plans and if any additional training is needed. Factor in any special needs for your children, particularly as they grow, as well as what your ex-spouse may need.

Q: Will you keep the marital home?

A: Will you or your spouse continue to live in the house you currently share or do you intend to sell? This is important as it will affect property division considerations.

Q: Are you certain that divorce is the best option?

A: Evaluate this decision to determine if divorce is right at this time. In many cases, other options such as marriage counseling may have been exhausted by this point. Just make sure the decision to divorce is carefully considered.

Don't Wait To Obtain Legal Advice And Counsel

The decision to divorce should not be taken lightly. If you think divorce is the best option, it is vital to obtain advice, guidance and representation from an experienced divorce lawyer. That way, you can avoid making costly mistakes by acting too soon.

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